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Common Problems from Clients

Does your enterprise encounter the following problems in China market or Southeast Asia market?

1. There are no Chinese or other languages versions for UI, instruction manuals, sales / technical documents and other documents of the products.

2. Faced with the requirements from the following laws and regulations in China, does not know how to deal with the above documents, which may result in potential risks.

    •  Contract Law

    •  Consumer Rights Protection Law

    •  Advertising Law

    •  Anti-unfair Competition Law

    •  Product Quality Law

3. Multi-language versions are required for some documents, but current language vendors are unable to meet the needs.

4. Current language vendors use a large number of freelancers, which will result in instable translation quality due to the weak quality control ability, eventually have to be asked to rework.

5. There is only a "non-disclosure agreement" between the current language vendors and the freelancers, and no other means to ensure the information security, which may result in potential risk of information leakage.

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